Sunday, July 8, 2012

#29 Take HAS out in the canoe

We have a cabin in Murphy, NC that we visit frequently~ about once a month or so and we love it there.  It is a small town with good people and a slower way of life.  We often meet my parents or my sister's family up there for a weekend.  We will often take the canoe out as well and I thought that this year HAS would be old enough to listen to the instructions to remain seated and enjoy the ride.  I thought LPS would be too young still, but we gave it a try with him as well.  He just didn't like it, but the pictures of him are on my aunt's camera.  This weekend, we met my sister's family, my parents, my aunt, my cousin and her kids up there for the long weekend... it was a good time and the kids were the perfect age to play together this time...  

Life vest on ready for his ride
Mom with HAS and my cousin's youngest

Mom and Aunt Connie with the two boys
Me with HAS.  He loved the paddles.

My cousin Lisa, Me, and HAS
The kids wading in the water where we put the canoe in.  The two on the left belong to my cousin.
Another day, we went out to a place called Fire's Creek.  It has a great wading area and the boys love to throw rocks.  The water is always FREEZING, but the kids love it. 
LPS at Fire's Creek

Mom and her twin sister... Mom is on the left

HAS being silly with the inter tube

Mom and HAS with their birthday cake quilt table runner

LPS giving GiGi a kiss to say thank you

Mom and Aunt Connie made each kid a table runner birthday quilt to be used on their special day to celebrate.  They wanted each kid to have one to pass down through their family.  They turned out really cute.  This is all of the kids (except JMS) with their quilt on the steps in the cabin.

The two on the left are mine.  The middle two are my sisters.  The two on the right are my cousins.

JMS was in PA with David's dad for the trip which is why he isn't in any of the pictures :(


  1. Kristin, the trip looks like so much fun! But the quilts? To die for. They are amazing. I have been thinking I might like to make a quilt, and if those aren't inspiration, I don't know what ever would be!

  2. My mom and aunt made 8 of them :) They were really cute... I'd love to get see you when you are back before you head north permanently :( I know you may not have time... but let me know