Friday, July 13, 2012

So Kool or not Kool? Gazpacho


This is one of the recipes that I was very… Concerned about. I do not like gazpacho, or any other Cold soup for that matter. I decided to make it a week when we were up at the cabin, so that I had a larger audience and people that typically like gazpacho could judge it. The verdict from those other judges was that gazpacho was a little too chunky. We also decided to try it as a salsa, but it didn't have near enough kick for that. I'm sure the texture was because I didn't blend it enough, probably due to not having gazpacho any time recently. I did agree with her on how awesome the color and the bright flecks of fresh vegetables looked. I really wanted to like it, I just didn't :-(.

I probably won't make this again, just because I don't like it. Neither my husband or any of my children like that, so that is just a recipe that does not yield itself to be being made again.

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