Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So Kool or Not Kool? Best Macaroni Salad

So Kool or Not Kool?  11 out of 10... EXCELLENT
Picky Eater's Opinion?  Good... (he didn't say great, but I didn't even think he would try it, so I would totally say this is a success as far as he is concerned)
Will it Make the Future Chef's Menu?  Definitely!

I grew up on my Aunt Becky's Macaroni Salad, it was simply delightful, but very much a mayonnaise based salad.  Her salad also didn't have all of the extra veggies, so I was nervous about adding them because I typically don't eat many of those things and neither does anyone else in the house (except for Super Eater... aka JMS).  This was fairly easy to make.  Cook the noodles for the amount of time listed on the box and drain and cool the noodles. 
These are noodles for those of you who have never seen noodles before :)
 While they were cooking, I was preparing everything else.  I mixed the mayonnaise, vinegar, salt and pepper and pickle juice.  Another Sweet as Pie member, Jennifer at Come Rain or Shine, mentioned using Wickles as the Pickle of Choice.   THEY. WERE. PERFECT.  I had to wrestle them away from Super Eater, so I would have some for the macaroni salad, but they were the perfect touch.  
 The pimentos and black olives were already diced, so I just needed to cut up the pickles, which I did with my food processor.  It is fairly new, but I wonder how i ever survived without it.  Thank you Jamie, for suggesting I get one.  I was not lazy enough to cut the green onions with the food processor, instead I used the old fashioned knife!!!
Mix it all together.  Not the ingredients for the Knock you Naked Brownies and the Cherry Limeade in the background.  That would be the second batch of Cherry Limeade. 
Upon going back and reading my fellow red-headed friend Jennifer at Redheads Plus One, I realized that I should have measured the macaroni after I cooked it and not before.  I compensated for this by doubling the mayonnaise mix that I poured on it, so it was not dry at all.  I loved the flavor of this.  It was very light and airy which I loved.  The Wickles and the onions gave it a little bit of kick and that made a great touch.  I do believe I would have been disappointed if I had not made the extra sauce to pour on top of it because of using too many noodles.  I did save some of the sauce and poured it on right before we served it so the texture was perfect.  I made this at the cabin form my family and a dear friend and everyone who ate it ranked it a 9 out of 10 (and the reason for not being a 10 was that nothing is perfect... except for the Homemade Butterfingers Ice Cream that my dad made for my birthday :)  ).  I will definitely make this again.

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