Thursday, July 26, 2012

#46 Say yes when the boys ask for something

First of all, I'm not a shopper at all!!  In addition, whenever we happen to go to Target, a grocery store, or anywhere else, I don't just meander through the store.  I know exactly what I want, I walk right to that item, put it in the cart, and head towards the check out.  I am not one of those mothers who says yes to my kids every time they ask for something.  In fact, I hardly ever say yes when they ask for random things off of the store shelf.  However, I thought it would be nice to look at their faces once when they asked for something and surprisingly the answer was yes.  It took a while to mark this task off of my list, because HAS and LPS hardly ever asked for anything.  It got to the point that I said to David "Have you noticed that the two little boys don't ever ask for anything when we're at the store?"  I felt like they must have known that my answer was always no. Finally, they did ask for something. I said yes and surprisingly, they both wanted the same thing :-) This has been an interesting to me because before I said yes, they hardly ever asked for things.  In the several times that we have been to the store after this, they have asked for multiple things. The answer is almost always no, so they don't throw a fit or act surprised when I say no.  However, the number of times they have asked for something has greatly increased. Both of the two little boys got a matchbox cars set (Those of you who are mothers of girls thought there was a point where you can say, "We have enough Matchbox cars".  Those of you with boys know otherwise :) ).  JMS  got an Atlanta Braves hat. It was nice to see the smile on their face as they showed their appreciation. It is also nice to have children that do not throw a fit in the store every time I  say no. Sometimes, it is nice to have low expectations, so you can enjoy the little things.

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