Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Life with Boys

David and I were fixing dinner when we heard a loud thud and then lots of giggling from HAS (4 years old) and LPS (2 years old).  If you have been in our house for any length of time, you know thuds and laughter are not usually a good combination.  We walk over to the steps to see the boys on the landing.  LPS is in the laundry basket and HAS has the handle.  He drug LPS down the top flight of stairs to the landing and they all thought it was hysterical.  HAS said "Mommy, watch me take him down these stairs"... we did put a kibosh on this because the bottom set of stairs was 3 times as long as the one he already drug him down...  And, as I always say "Any day that my house is standing at the end of the day is a success"

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