Wednesday, January 18, 2012

#64. Read 101 books- 70 completed

I LOVE to read, although I should probably not be proud of what I read.  I love to read a romance novel where I know that there is a happy ending after a brief turmoil.  I used to enjoy reading a mystery every so often, but since I married a police officer, I don't enjoy reading them any more.  I don't like anything that is dark or could realistically happen.  I know those things take place and unfortunately, I hear about the real life version frequently enough, that I do NOT enjoy reading about it.

As much as I enjoy reading, I haven't had as much time to read as I would like.  Being a mother sometimes causes time to get away from you much faster than it did as a single person.  I've started reading a bit more now that I have an app on my iPad and my phone, so I can always have a book with me.  I will keep a list of the books that I have read, just know that most, if not all of them are just trashy romance novels where the guy and the girl end up together and happy ever after almost always exists (except for you Mr. Nicholas Sparks).

1.  Her Singapore Fling (1/18/12)
2.  Front Page Affair (1/19/12)
3.  Overtime in the Boss' Bed (1/21/12)
4. Claiming his Honeymoon (1/22/12)
5.  Good Girl or Gold Digger? (1/25/12)
6.  Mistress Forgotten (1/31/12)
7.  Blackmailed Bride, Inexperienced Wife (2/3/12)
8.  To Love, Honor, and Disobey (2/4/12)
9.  Mistress:  Hired for the Billionaire (2/5/12)
10.  Champagne with a Celebrity (3/4/12)
11.  Every Girl's Secret Fantasy (3/12/12)
12. A Girl's Guide to Flirting with Danger (3/13/12)
13. His Bid for a Bride (3/15/12)
14. The Inherited Bride (3/18/12)
15. Fired Waitress, Hired Mistress (4/1/12)
16.  His Christmas Virgin (4/7/12)
17.  The British Billionaire's Innocent Bride (4/8/12)
18.  The Doctor's Wedding (4/6/12)
19.  The Billionaire's Engagement (4/8/12)
20.  The Konstantos Marriage Demand (4/15/12)
21.  Her Sweet Surprise (4/22/12)
22.  Innocent Mistress, Royal Wife (4/23/12)
23.  50 Shades of Grey (6/8/12)
24.  Fifty Shades Darker (6/10/12)
25.  Fifty Shades Freed  (7/8/12)
26.  His Plain-Jane Cinderella (9/3/2012)
27.  Mistress:  At What Price (9/4/2012)
28.  Deserving of his Diamonds?  (10/2/2012)
29.  Jonas' Beckler's Deal (10/4/2012)
30. The Twelve Nights of Christmas
31. Champagne Kisses
32. To Love, Honor and Betray
33. One day to find a Husband
34. Overtime Love
35. Ex-Mas Reunion
36. A Holiday Affair
37. It Started with a Crush
38. Win, Lose or Wed
39. Girl Behind the Scandalous Reputation
40. A Deal at the Alter
41. The Christmas Shoppe
42. A Christmas Angel for the Billionaire
43.Waking up in the Wrong Bed
44.  Captive but Forbidden
45.  Marrying the Enemy
46.  Secret Assignment
47.   The Last Woman He'd Ever Date
48.  A Reluctant Hero
49.  Duty and the Beast
50. The Darkest of Secrets
51. Heiress Behind the Headlines
52. His Reputation Precedes Him
53. Santina's Scandalous Princess
54. Contract with consequences
55. A devilishly dark deal
56.  The Incorrigible Playboy
57.  Boardroom Rivals
58.  Caught on Camera with the CEO
59. The Secrets she Carried
60.  The Disgraced Princess
61.  Gianni's Pride
62. Greek Tycoon's Reluctant Bride
63.  Her Bad Boss
64. Surprise:  Outback Proposal
65.  The Husband She Never Knew
66.  Man Behind the Mask
67.  A Night of Living Dangerously
68.  Painted the Other Woman
69.  Red Wine and Her Sexy Ex
70.   Unlocking Her Innocence


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