Monday, January 23, 2012

Apparently... It's Not a Secret !!

In December, I met a dear friend at the Yellow River Game Ranch and the boys LOVED it.  I heard that they were doing Dollar Day on Martin Luther King day, so I thought we would all go and enjoy it for $5.  Now, keep in mind, when we were there in December, there was NO ONE there... We had the whole place to ourselves.  On Monday, however, it was a different story.  Apparently Dollar Day was NOT a secret because the place was crawling with people.  We got there in the morning but the animals had already been fed so much that they were stuffed beyond words.  We did find one sheep that kept eating crackers out of our hands, so we spent some time with that one.  Even the rabbits were hiding out, they must not have liked Dollar Day :(
Baby Peacock
Feeding the Burrow
We were laughing at how much of their heads were sticking out of the fence!
LPS Loves the Bunnies

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