Wednesday, January 11, 2012

JMS~ 11th Birthday

Up until recently, I hated cooking.  There are a couple of things that have peaked my interest... Pinterest and Sweet as Pie Cooking Club.  Pinterest gives me all kinds of ideas for food and decorating.  I can execute a lot of crafty, creative ideas; but I struggle to come up with them on my own.  Up until this year, I have made the boys very basic cupcakes, so I am trying to branch out a little bit.  JMS is really into scouting and outdoors this year, so I decided to find a Smore's Cupcake Recipe on Pinterest.  I searched, I created, I ate... all went well.  Anyhow, it is not super creative or great, but it is definitely an improvement for me.  Here are a couple of pictures. 
There is also a graham cracker crust on the bottom that cannot be seen!!!

Birthday Boy

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