Sunday, January 15, 2012

Should Be, Would Be, Could Be...

We have a great little cabin that we frequently get away to in the mountains of North Carolina.  We are 1/3 owners, along with my parents and sister's family.  The boys love going because they get to play with their grandparents and cousins and traipse through the woods and just be boys.  We were planning on leaving Saturday morning, but luckily David got off early (which never happens) on Friday night, so we got to leave then.  I'm so excited because every night there with my family is just memories in the making.  This time, I put the little two down for bed at 5:15, because neither of them had a nap.  We will wake them up at 8:30 when we get on the road.  I'm crossing my fingers that they go back to sleep, but I'm not banking on it.   Although it was cold, we had a wonderful time visiting with my family.  I even brought them into my new culinary experience :) 

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