Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day 33- Leaving Yellowtone

As I mentioned in the previous post, we had truck issues that couldn't be dealt with until today.  We hung around the campsite this morning until the last possible moment where we could check out so that we had something to do this morning.  The mechanic told us he would not be able to get the part in until at least noon, so we checked out at 11:00 a.m.  This is where our truck (and apparently our wallet) spent most of the day.  $837 later, the truck was fixed and we were good to go!.
While we were waiting on the truck to be fixed, we walked around and got our pictures at the north entrance! 
 We also got to view the Roosevelt Arch up close.  This is what it says across the top of the arch.
 This was erected in the early 1900's as the tourists at Yellowstone increased.  During that time, the tourists would arrive by train and then board the stagecoaches near the North Entrance.  It was believed that those tourists needed a grand entrance and the arch was erected.  It is now called the Roosevelt Arch.

 Here, we are leaving Yellowstone :(  We had a great time and almost did everything we set out to do.  This would have been more possible if the truck did not have issues!
 The sun shining through the arch! 
 Once the truck was fixed, we headed out of town towards Condon, Montana where my Great Uncle Bob and Great Aunt Dani live.  We are planning on spending two nights there.  When Dani was giving me directions, she told me to turn right where the giant Steer was... couldn't miss him!
 I had only been to the border of Montana and David had never been here.  David and I fell in love with Montana- the openness, the mountains, the lakes, the sheer beauty.  The only thing we didn't like when we got here was the mosquitoes.  Dani said they are only bad for a week or two.
We will definitely be back to Montana- maybe as residents! 

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