Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 46- Corn Everywhere

This was the view from our campsite in the Badlands.  Using the word campground is a stretch however, as we were mostly just pulled over on the blacktop and unable to put out even our awning without needing to put it in every time a car drove by.
We were waiting for the Minuteman Missile to open so the boys could turn in their Junior Ranger packets, so we headed to the "giant rocks to climb on" as the two little ones put it.
David took this great picture of the Badlands around 7:45 in the morning!
As I have mentioned multiple times, all four of my boys love two types of rocks:  a)  those that are small enough to pick up and throw into other rocks or into water and b) those that are large enough to climb on.  This makes all of them happy!
We are now headed towards Springfield, Illinois so we are driving through South Dakota- miles and miles of straight roads and lots of corn and open fields.  We did stop in Mitchell at the Corn Palace, where they hold concerts and local events.  While we were there, we watched as they did some of the work changing the appearance of the outside of the corn palace.  This is done every year.
The artwork that can be done with ears of corn is very impressive.
The two little ones found a tractor which always makes them happy.
You can see all of the different corn art on the top of the picture below.
When we left here, we entered Iowa.
We drove across Iowa and saw a lot... and I mean a whole lot... of corn.  Below, Logan has set up all of his Lego stickers on the back of David's seat.  On the right side of the seat are the good guys, on the left side of the seat are bad guys.  He literally is moving them around and just making up a story- playing with them like we used to play with colorforms.  I had to smile because earlier, Jimmy spent an hour or so just making up different stories for the two little ones and they just giggled... it made my heart happy.  It made me smile even more to watch Hunter and Logan mimic Jimmy and start making up their own stories.  I couldn't really hear exactly what they were saying because they were so quiet, I could just hear what they were doing.
To this point we have driven 9,000 miles on this trip and the boys have not watched one movie.  They do get about 30 minutes of Kindle time every 3 hours, but for the most part, they entertain themselves.  They love to look for wildlife and tell each other stories.  For the most part, we don't even have the radio on because it just is too many voices.  I am incredibly blessed by how well they travel and I will NOT hesitate to take another trip like this.  It is hard to believe we will be home at the end of the week!

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