Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day 40- Grinnell Glacier

We headed up to an area of Glacier called many glacier! This was the view at 8:00 in the morning. Peaceful. Serene. Amazing!
As we were driving down the road towards our hike, we saw this pair of bear!  The one in the front is definitely a grizzly… The one in the back was a little bit harder to tell. We believe it was a young grizzly – but it may have been a black bear. However, we do not think that they would cohabitate this close together.

We did the Swift current Lake trail, which was going to continue to Grinnell glacier. This trail was closed for the last 2 miles on the trail due to a snow hazard, but we thought we could hike up to that.
Here are some of our views from along the way.
The lake below is Josephine Lake!

This is Grinnell Lake.… Not to be confused with Upper Grinnell Lake.
Picnic spot- this is not ideal, as there was no shade … But it was beautiful.

As we were leaving the many glacier area, we came across this Bull moose. My day was complete!

We decided to head to southern Montana, towards North Dakota a little bit earlier than anticipated.  Once you leave the mountains of Glacier, the rest of Montana looks the same.  It is beautiful in that it is different from anything we see in the metro Atlanta area. The population of Montana is 989,415 – less than the number of people that live in Gwinnett County. However, Montana is the fourth largest state. Needless to say, you can drive for dozens of miles and not see any other cars, any houses, or any other buildings. It is important to get gas – while the gas is available!  Needless to say… This is beautiful country and we can see why they call it "big sky" country. We love it here!

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