Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 43- Jewel Cave

We headed to Jewel Cave this morning.  This was a few miles West of the town of Custer.  
The lighting in caves is very difficult for those of us that don't know how to use all of the features on our camera!  This cave was found by two brothers who saw formations on the walls that looked like jewels, but they had very little worth.
After Jewel Cave, we headed to Wind Cave National Park, but were only able to get there and get some information about the Junior Ranger Program and find out what time the tours started in the morning. The boys were in rare form and I had to get them out of there before they humiliated me!
As we were driving from Wind Cave back to our State Park, we did a short hike (1 mile) up to the fire tower.  We were able to see quite a way off (to include the Badlands) even though it was cloudy.
Hunter didn't want to do the hike, so David and Hunter sat in the car, while Jimmy, Logan and I made the hike!
Logan stopped at the "4" marker.
These bison were crossing the road right near our fire tower hike sign as we were leaving.
We also saw pronghorn...
...and wild turkey (and a baby)...

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