Sunday, July 13, 2014

Day 45- Badlands

We left Custer State Park this morning, and as we did we saw this herd of bison greeting us to say goodbye!
I love this picture of the bison by the sign!
When we left there, we went to the Badlands about 75 miles east of Custer State Park.
The badlands were not our favorite, but we are glad we went. We also said that we do not need to return. Glad to see them, but you only need to see them once!   We went and did the window trail…

… And then we went and did the door trail…

The boys, however, loved the badlands… They loved being able to climb all over the rocks. They didn't really have the restriction hear that a lot of the other national parks have!  There were a lot of trails wrapping in, over, around, and down the rocky hillsides.
From there, we headed to the Minuteman missile, which is just down the street about 5 miles. It was unbelievable to know that there were many of these missiles buried in silos in the ground throughout the Midwest… People had no idea that they were there!
We then drove to Wall Drug, which is been there since 1931. The boys Likened it to a flea market with new products!
 Logan found this Jackelope.
As we drove back on the scenic Drive, we were hoping to see some bighorn sheep that were male… They are the only ones with the curly horns. We had no luck, although we did see this female.

In the morning, we began our drive home… Slow, but still towards home!

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