Saturday, July 5, 2014

Day 37- Hidden Lake and Logan Pass

We decided to head up the going-to-the-Sun Road and do a hike called Hidden lake. The drive through the mountains was absolutely stunning.
As were driving on this road, there are water everywhere and snow on top of the mountain. In fact, this road is so difficult to prepare for summer, that it just opened this weekend, July 4.  Sometimes, the snowdrifts are as high as 100 feet.

The name of the area at the top is called Logan pass. Our Logan was very excited!
But we didn't realize was that our entire hike would be over now. Not snow on the side of the mountains… The entire trail was covered with snow! We knew it was going to be an adventure!

One thing we were hoping to see on this trail were Mountain goats – we were not disappointed!  Hunter was super excited because we have had a deal going on this trip that  the first person who spots each new animal gets $5.  This was the first time he got the $5 and he was so excited he couldn't stand it!
We also saw this little baby – he was a cutie.
When we saw this from a distance, we thought it was a wolf… Upon closer review, we think it may be a coyote.
This was the view from the Overlook at Hidden lake.

You can see in the middle of the picture that the lake still has huge chunks that are frozen in it.

We did get to see our mountain goat family actually climbing on the mountains – which was pretty cool.

After our hike, we wanted to have lunch… But we had to get the two little boys shoes off because their socks and shoes were soaked through due to the snow. We took their socks and shoes off and put their feet inside my sweatshirt while we had our picnic lunch right here at this beautiful site.

We stopped at Oberland pass and saw this goat literally cross over our trail! Right in front of us!
As you're driving down the going-to- the-sun Road, there are literally dozens of waterfalls coming down all over the place. Pictures can't do it justice.

This is called the Weeping wall because of all the waterfalls the come down it. In the spring and early summer, the water is gushing off. We did have to roll up the windows so that I,  as a passenger, would not get soaked. They say by late summer, that falls go down to a trickle.

We had to laugh at the idea of seeing a snowplow on July 5th!

This is West tunnel, which is 192 feet long.
We were amazed at how green the McDonald Creek was.   The name of this may not be correct, but it did lead into Lake McDonald.

The light did not cooperate in this picture, but Lake McDonald is extremely blue.
We drove up to Polebridge on the Westside, which was recommended for the bakery and to go see Bowman lake.  We went out to see them in Lake, and wish we had time to spend a day renting kayaks or canoes and paddling around the lake. It is simply beautiful.

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