Thursday, July 10, 2014

Day 42- Thedore Roosevelt

After Little Big Horn Battlefield, we headed to Theodore Roosevelt national part in North Dakota. My parents had been here earlier in the summer and a couple of other people recommended this to us as well!  We like the campground… But we also realize that people are generally selfish! People with tiny campers and tents took huge sites whereas those huge units cannot fit into those tiny sites!
This morning we woke up and drove the scenic Loop… Seeing these prairie dogs…
… And these baby deer…
It was a rainy morning, but we were able to get out of the car a few times to see these overlooks the North Dakota Badlands.
Theodore Roosevelt national Park is also known for these feral horses… We saw at least two dozen of them, along with many foals.
They were simply beautiful.
Here is a view of the North Dakota badlands!

We also were giving up hope that we would see any bison, until we turn the corner and saw these guys right next to the road. There must have been over 100 of them.
We saw these two guys sparring a little bit!
Then we to word Theodore Roosevelt's cabin that he had on his land out here when he would come out to hunt.
The cabin was tiny, but it was considered a mansion for that time period. This is his bedroom and that trunk in the corner was his actual trunk that held his belongings when he would come out here to hunt.
You can see here from the size of the overall cabin how small it actually was. It had a tiny kitchen, a tiny living room, and a tiny bedroom. However, he did have an upstairs attic for his ranch hands to help him.

Yesterday, when we entered North Dakota, it was not a good place for us to stop and get a picture with the sign. So, we stopped to go into South Dakota, we took a family picture here as well! We just walked across the road… There are so few people that crossed these roads that crossing it was very easy :-)
Welcome to South Dakota!
We drove through Sturgis, South Dakota… Which is home to the full throttle saloon. That didn't mean anything to me, but according to David… There is a reality show that is filmed here! 
Once we entered Custer State Park (a huge favorite), we drove on the Wildlife Scenic Route and saw all of these burrows that roam freely throughout the park.  The boys were able to feed them...
Hunter was a little skeptical...
...but Logan didn't seem to mind.  This guy was a little bit aggressive!
We also saw pronghorn...

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