Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 39- Waterton Lakes in Canada

Glacier works with Waterton Park in Canada along the border. We decided to drive to the Canadian side of the border and spend the day. We passed these little friends along the road on our way.
Our drive was beautiful and isolated. The Canadian side of the park is not near as swamped as the American side.

I will certainly say that the customs agent for Canada did not have a sense of humor. He asked if we had more than $10,000 in cash and I said "I wish" – he did not think this was funny!
We did a short hike called bears hump, due to its resemblance to the hump of a grizzly bear. While we were having a snack up here, this chipmunk decided to get very close to us and investigate Logan's Camelback.
This is a panoramic view from the top of the hike. Breathtaking!

Once we hiked down, we headed to upper Lake Waterton to look for a picnic spot by the way. I think we did a fine job selecting one.
Again – all my boys skipping rocks in the lake. It is funny now how the two little ones continually are selecting rocks for David to skip...Even the entire way along a five or 6 mile hike.
We headed out to Cameron Lake, when David saw what he thought was a bear crossing the road. He sped up and we happened across a mama black bear with 3 cubs. Here's one of the cubs.
These bears were less than 10 feet from my car window – Which was where this picture was taken. I wanted to jump out and snatch up one of those babies… But I thought it would make mama mad.
We got to Cameron Lake, we decided to rent a rowboat to explore the other side.
David did all the rowing while the rest of us just just got to enjoy the trip.  I did row for about 10 minutes when David told me to get out-of-the-way because I wasn't doing a great job :-) plan accomplished!
This is the view from the middle of the lake.
When we were done at Cameron Lake, we headed to red rock Canyon Drive. There is this beautiful red rock Trail at the end where you can hike through the canyon. However, when we arrived, there was a man they are being attended to by the paramedics because he slipped and broke his leg. We have never seen paramedics move as slowly as these did… But then again is David pointed out, this may be the only action they've seen in the last two months!  
We did get to see red rock canyon, although we didn't get the point as we left red rock canyon, I looked back at what I thought was a rock.  All of a sudden, my rock was moving. We ended up being this little guy! This is a great day for us – we saw mama bear, three baby bears, and a spare bear!
As we began our drive home, we saw this anorexic looking fox! This is the first fox we have seen on the trip!  We are still missing a wolf, Wolverine, Mountain Lion, and all of us except David are still missing the male bighorn sheep (the ones with curly horns).
As we were driving back, these horses were just walking right next to the side of the road – not at all spooked by the car noise.
We didn't know if we would see any more of these "Bear aware" sign. My boys have become very accustomed to being "Bear aware". They say it All. The. Time!
This was a beautiful view from our Campsite!

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