Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day 38- Waterfalls Everywhere

As we were leaving West glacier and headed to East glacier, we ran across this little fellow in town. He seemed to be a little Emaciated and anxious.

As I said before and I will probably say for quite sometime after this trip… We truly are blessed with how well the boys have traveled.
As we drove through the Indian reservation, we kept coming across cattle walking all over the main road. First time it took us a little bit by surprise! Notice the mountains in the background.
Once we got over and got our camp set up, we headed up the other side of the going –to –the-sun road.  We like this side of the park even better than we like the other side of the park. St. Mary's lake was gorgeous.

This was the east tunnel on the east side of Logan's pass.
We were going to hike to St. Mary's Falls and Virginia Falls, but they're doing some work on that side of the road, so finding parking at the trailhead was difficult. Instead, we decided to go to Baring Falls.
This is what happened on most of our waterfall thanks… David and the boys spend a good bit of time skipping rocks into the water.
Baring Falls is below.
Once we were down at Baring Falls, we decided to hike over to St. Mary's and Virginia Falls. This is part of our long walk along the way. It was unbelievable!

Love this panoramic!
This is St. Mary's Falls!
Look how green the water is!
We thought we had made it to Virginia Falls, only to find out we didn't quite make it all the way!
The boys were troopers has this ended up being a 4 1/2 mile hike that was not particularly planned!

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