Saturday, July 19, 2014

Unusual Signs

One of the things that we really loved about this trip was seeing things out west that we never see in the East. We saw a lot of different types of sign that we do not see in Atlanta.
We saw a lot of different animal crossing signs.

There was a moose crossing sign also that I failed to get a picture of :-(
This is a sign in Utah for their highways… They are the beehive State.

When we were in Utah, we saw speed limits for 80 mph.
We saw this just outside of Yellowstone… You never see this in Atlanta!

This was on all the picnic tables reminding you to "be bear aware".

in Montana, you would see these speed limit signs grouped together.  Cars had a different speed limit at night… trucks had a different starting speed limit and a different speed limit at night!  The different speed limit at night was to watch for wildlife… Which was always on the road.

Some signs in Canada…

We think this meant snowplow…
In Canada, all of the signs that had words on that were written in both English and French.

This was not taken as a sign, but taken off my phone. You will notice it is 9:03 PM when the temperature was 102°F

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