Friday, January 18, 2013

5 years ago

My, how quickly time passes. Five years ago, I had been in the hospital on bed rest for 66 nights. When released, I went home and was on bed rest for another 30 days. In the end, I was induced and after a 10 hour labor, I brought the most beautiful baby boy into the world, weighing 9 lbs. 1 oz. He looked so much like me when he was born… Only to discover five years later, That he not only looks like me, but has every single one of my personality traits. He is inquisitive, charming, witty, funny, and not afraid to question anything. He loves all competition in any game, as well as puzzles and mazes. This week, I went to a meeting and registered my sweet little baby boy for kindergarten. I know he is ready, I'm just not sure that I am. Never before have I wanted Michael J. Fox's Time Machine from Back to the Future as badly as I have wanted it recently. I, however, do not want to go to the future, as much as I just want time to stand still. Time to take in every characteristic of this young boy before he continues to grow into a fine young man. I love how much he enjoys the outdoors, enjoys competition, and can accurately articulate an argument to defend his point. Don't get me wrong, sometimes it is frustrating when he is arguing against me. But, nonetheless, it is amazing to watch him articulate his point. Ironically, I was actually in the hospital last night due to a food chopping accident that involved slicing my finger. While there, I was reminiscing about the fact that I was there exactly 5 years ago even to the hour. Five years, and another little boy later, I can't imagine being any happier than I am at this very moment. I can't imagine being any more proud of any of the three boys. I know God has a plan for them, and I cannot wait to watch it unfold.
 How time flies...  

I love that sweet Face.  Happy Birthday HAS :) 

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