Sunday, January 27, 2013

Consignment Sale Fun

I. LOVE. CONSIGNMENT. SALE. SEASON.  There, I said it and I am not embarrassed by it at all.  We have a huge consignment sale down here where I volunteer a ridiculous number of hours and work my butt off, but I love it.  I have made so many great mommy friends there and laughed until we cried.  We scream when we find that bargain that we have been searching for.  We laugh at some things that people bring to sell, and even harder when people purchase them.  We help each other find that great bargain.  I will never forget searching through the book section (and for those of you not familiar with this sale, there are literally two hundred boxes of books sorted by type or author) with other moms and I told them what book I was searching for (The Kissing Hand) and they told me what they were searching for.  One of them found my book and we all screamed and laughed together.  I love finding sets of PJ's that look brand new for $1, then I don't even feel bad when I purchase 8 sets.  I love finding new clothes with tags still on them priced for $2-3 each.  I love the thrill of the hunt, but mostly I love the other moms.  When it is all said and done, we do clean up shifts that last for 10 hours (while we still search for bargains) and even when we can't lift another thing, we laugh. 

I said all of this because the consignment sale is in 2 weeks.  I. SIMPLY. CAN'T. WAIT. 

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