Monday, January 28, 2013

Parenting at its Finest

My favorite part of being a mom is wondering if you made the right choice.  The best part is that this "wondering" takes place on all of the decisions, and not just some of them (NOTE:  Sarcastic tone).  As a mom, I feel like I am constantly second guessing myself.  This is not in that "I should have done a more Pinterest-like Birthday party" or I should have bought them this or that.  This is in the "Am I doing the right thing to raise respectable adults?" way.  When my two youngest were babies, we used a modified vaccination schedule.  My mother-in-law works at our pediatrician, so you can imagine how well that went over, but it was something I felt very strongly about.  There are so many other decisions that I do not feel strongly about one way or the other from the beginning and I am always wondering if I am doing what is right for them.

I find middle school children to be extremely difficult in a not very pleasant way.  Don't get me wrong, I love my own middle school child, but generally speaking, I think middle schoolers would do better if they were shipped to a different planet and allowed to return to planet Earth when they begin behaving like normal people again.  Having said that, my husband and I decided to put my 12 year old in the online school where I work, so that he would miss out on some of that torturous middle school experience, and he would have amazing amounts of flexibility.  However, through the past two months, it has put an amazing amount of stress on my relationship with my normally sweet 12 year old son.  My husband and I have gone back and forth about leaving him there or putting him in a traditional middle school.  There are definite benefits to both, but I love the flexibility that this schedule allows him.  However, we decided to put him back in a traditional middle school, effective later this week (once I complete all of the paper work) and now my mind wonders. 

Like I said, the best part of being a parent is always wondering if you should have done it differently. 

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