Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snow Angels

While we came up here for a celebration of life, we also managed to have some fun in the snow with the boys.
Snow Bibs on...  So thrilled I was able to find both of their sizes at the Consignment Sale.  $8 for both :)
LPS was not sure of it at first

HAS fell down and immediately loved it.

JMS didn't get to come out yet because he hadn't finished his school work.

Mommy with the two little ones

We traipsed through the woods with HAS leading the way

Love the look on his face in this picture!!!

Snow Angel

He eventually liked the snow and would sit and lay in it. 

Tiny Snow Angel

We walked over to Grammy's Burial Site because it was right across the road. 

JMS working on his school work and enjoying some snow cream that I made

Enjoying the snow cream while we thaw out. 

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