Friday, January 11, 2013

#68 Camp at three state parks where we have not yet camped

I grew up camping and love the outdoors, so early on in our marriage when it was just David, JMS, and me, we would tent camp.  Every time, it rained...and rained... and rained... Fast forward, HAS was born and when we would tent camp, it would rain... and rain some more.  Once our final child, LPS, was born, I said to David, "We have three boys so we will be doing a lot of camping.  I don't care how we camp, but we will be camping."  David wanted to buy a travel trailer, but I wanted to make sure he had bought into the 'camping' idea.  As a compromise, we bought a pop up camper that is pictured below.  We took this camper up to Niagara Falls (it rained many days on that 18 day journey) and out many weekends.  The boys love to be outside.  They love to camp, they love to play with sticks and fire and water. 
 The downside of the pop up was the set up time and the space on the inside if it was going to rain.  We definitely got our moneys worth out of this camper.
 David has been itching for a new camper and we finally one this year.
That increased the desire to go camping every free moment we had.  We bought the camper in June and have probably already camped in it for 30 days.  I wanted to add some state parks that we had not visited to MY list.  In July, we stayed at Red Top Mountain State Park near Lake Allatoona.  This was a nice campground and it was here that we realized Logan could really move on a scoot bike by picking his feet up and coasting down hill- NO fear.  JMS had a boy scout activity close to here as well.  This was not our favorite because there were not that many sites that would be able to hold a campground our size.   Another boy scout outing led us to North Georgia and Moccasin Creek State Park.  A coworker recommended this to me and we LOVED this area.  The state park is very small, but the grounds were perfect for my boys.  We will stay here again and we will bring fishing poles the next time.  Check out my sweet angels.

JMS stayed with the boy scouts, but this place was awesome.  Finally, we went to Watson Mill Bridge State Park.  This was nice because it was so close to home, which worked out well when we discovered that the keys were locked in the camper.  This ended up being one of the best nights because the two little ones just sat on my lap as we sang campfire songs to keep warm.  This ended up being 3 hours past their bedtime.  We went on a great hikes and they had a ton of huge rocks for the boys to climb all over.  We will continue trying the state parks in Georgia because we love what a great job of upkeep they do. 

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