Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year

I love New Year's.  It always feels like a clean slate to me.  It's not that you can't start over at any other point in the year, but to me, New Year's feels like a time to start over.  The Christmas decorations are all put away and often even more cleaning has taken place, so the house starts off the New Year feeling clean as well.  Although in my house, that is typically over by January 2nd. 

New Year's Eve is also my anniversary, which is a night when my sweet husband and I always talk about our dreams for the next year of our marriage and our life, so even more of a fresh start.  Last night on our anniversary, we ran a 5K called the Flashlight Run, where the volunteers lit the path with flashlights and the race took place after dark.  We had a really good time and it was my fastest 5K since I had to start power walking instead of running.  Of course we were famished, so we headed into downtown Lawrenceville to eat.  I had asked for suggestions on Facebook and my Facebook friends had narrowed it down to Local Republic or Oyster Bay.  We chose Local Republic, but when we got there it was the special New Year's Eve menu and our only option was to sit at the bar.  I didn't want to do that on our anniversary, so we headed down the block to Oyster Bay.  The food here was EXCELLENT and I was so proud of David for trying Baked Oysters.  He does not normally eat seafood, but he ate half of our order :) 

The boys stayed with my mother-in-law last night, so we had a leisurely, slow start to the morning.  That is my favorite way to wake up.  I am NOT a morning person at all.  It doesn't matter what time I go to bed, I despise waking up.  Since David works nights now, he slept until 2:30, so I had sometime to myself to go to the gym, the grocery store, and even finish my puzzle and my book.  When we went to my mother-in-laws to pick up the boys, we had pork and sauerkraut, green beans and potatoes to bring in the new year as we watched Georgia beat Nebraska in the Capital One bowl.  I also got some time to work on my block of the month quilt from 2012.  I need to be done with it by March 1, 2013 because that is on my list of 101 Things to Accomplish.  Now, it is on to my fresh start, which means a new book!!

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