Saturday, January 12, 2013

#85 Girls Only Weekend

So, technically, it wasn't a weekend, but it was a girls only trip for 3 days, so I am counting that :)  My sister invited me to go to New York City with her for a couple of days.  She had to work during one of the days, but we crammed as much fun as humanly possible into the hours she wasn't working.  We arrived on a Monday morning and grabbed a taxi back to the Yale Club where we stayed.  It was a great location because it was right across from Grand Central Station.  As soon as we got there, we dropped our stuff in the room and hit the road running.
We grabbed lunch at a local pizza shop-
Then walked up to the New York Public Library...
enjoyed the map room...

and the "Let's do Lunch" display.  In fact, that toaster is the same exact toaster we have and use at the cabin.  It belonged to my great grandmother before she passed away just over 5 years ago. 
Then we hoofed it to Rockerfeller Center (although we did not ice skate in September)...
and walked down 5th Avenue.  Neither one of us are shoppers, but you could tell we are moms because we went into the Lego Store, Dylan's Candy Bar, and F.A.O Schwarz.  Talk about overwhelmed- yeah, that is a good word. 

Then we went to get cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery and enjoyed them as we walked through Central Park.  In 2003, Kerri and I ran the NYC Marathon together and ran through Central Park, but it was nice to enjoy it at a much more leisurely pace. 

We went to dinner and laughed so hard I almost cried...
In Times Square, we saw the Naked Cowboy.  Times Square reminded me a lot of Vegas, always something going on- even if it is 2 in the morning. 
Then we watched Chicago on Broadway from the front Row. 
When it was finished,  we walked back to the hotel.  One thing I noticed was that because of all of the walking, there are not many people that are overweight in NYC. 
Good Day!!  The next day, Kerri had to work, so we both took the subway down to the financial district.  I went to see some of the sights while she went to her meeting.  In the morning, I went to see the 9/11 Memorial site.  There. Are. No. Words.  I was overcome with emotion and the memories came flooding back.  The only thing I could do was pray.  The Memorial Site is beautiful and serene. I would love to make it back up there once they finish the site completely.  
 I took the subway over to Brooklyn, just so I could walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.  It was so windy, but it was a great walk taking in Manhattan. 
You can see from the pictures how grey and close to rain it was.  It was calling for rain and bad storms all day, but they didn't come until the end of the day. 

 On my way back, to meet Kerri for lunch, I walked by the NYSE and the raging bull. 
After Lunch, I took the ferry over to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.  It was very cold and windy, but I really loved the experience.  I didn't think I would enjoy Ellis Island as much as I enjoyed the Statue of Liberty, but I enjoyed the history and artifacts so much more than I enjoyed the Statue of Liberty.  I can't wait to take David here, he will LOVE this...

I love people watching at Grand Central.  In addition, the history there was just amazing.  Watching the hustle and bustle of people... I could have done just that for days!!!
 We were supposed to go the Avett Brothers Concert in Central Park, but due to the tornado watch, they cancelled the show.  We went down to the Chelsea district and went back to Magnolia Bakery (the original shop) and walked back to the subway.  It was pouring, but we had a really good time. 
The last morning, we had to leave the hotel by cab at 6:30, so we fit all of that fun into about 36 hours.  I loved having that time with just my sister.  Hoping we can do it again soon. 

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