Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 10- Sedona

As we were packing up the camper, this is what I found.  Love these crazy boys... still not sure how they got up there!  
We stopped in Sedona on our way to the Grand Canyon.  We were planning on doing a hike or two, but the problem was that we couldn't get our camper into many of the trail head parking lots.  We chalk this up to one of our disappointments this trip.  I should have planned to spend a night or two here :(
I did finally find a place where we could pull over and do a very short (3/4 mile) vista hike to see several of the red rock formations.
Above is the panoramic view from the rock we climbed to.  
Love it when they get along!
This is called Bell Rock and looks like the Liberty Bell.  We wanted to hike around this, but we got there too late in the day and it was too hot for the length of the hike for the kids!

Loved seeing this sign as we drove in!
As soon as we turned onto the street where the campground was, we saw this beautiful bull elk!  The boys were super excited and could not wait to walk back down to where he was.
When he was done eating, he was tired!
The boys watching the elk!
We saw this female elk on our way to the canyon.
Our first view... People say it is indescribable in words and there is so much truth to that.  There are no words to describe the colors, the beauty, the depth and the sheer vastness of it.

After the canyon, our bull elk friend was back for more food.  

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