Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day 23- Leigh Lake

Early in the morning, we headed out from Gros Ventre Campground in the south part of Grand Teton Park to Colter Bay Campground in the north part of the park.  We had a brief moment of frustration because we couldn't get the Electric jack to work- which means, we couldn't disconnect the camper.  We were not sure how far we would have to go to get this fixed and driving with the camper is costly (it gets about 8 miles to the gallon).  Luckily, David figured out that it was a mini fuse and one of the local service stations had one and he was able to fix the problem.  Let me throw major props my husband's direction.  He is not a handyman, but this trip, he has really impressed me.  He has tinkered with several things and figured out how to fix many things that were not working.  Again- Super impressed with him.  However, when we headed out for our hike, we did happen across this coyote.  He wouldn't show us his face though.  

The view of the Tetons from just past the Jackson Dam.
We drove down to Leigh Lake to do a hike.  We normally pack a lunch and then head out, but because of our jack issue, we ate lunch at the camper and then made our hike an afternoon hike.  The mistake to that was the huge quantity of mosquitoes that we encountered.  They were huge and everywhere.
When you start this hike, you are right beside String Lake where people are out in their canoes, sun bathing, and paddle boarding.  It was a cold day for that, but seemed so relaxing.  Most of the hike was right beside String Lake.
We loved String Lake.  Leigh Lake is below.
When we got to Leigh Lake, this woman was putting in her kayak and let each of the boys take a turn in her kayak (in very shallow water) and they loved it.

We were glad they enjoyed it, but were ready to go as the mosquitoes were feasting on us while they were doing this.  On the way back, we stopped at the Jenny Lake Overlook.  This is simply majestic.

Love this picture below!
We drove to the top of Signal Mountain and had this amazing view of the valley.
On our way back to the camper, there were two park rangers on the side of the road in the "No stopping" zone, which meant one thing- BEAR!  We saw him (of course, we did double back 4 times) but couldn't get a picture of him.  We are still determined though.  Jimmy made chicken pot pie in the dutch oven and it was delightful- we will have it again on this trip!
We had promised the two little boys that they could stay up late and we would head down to an area to try to find some bears.  We didn't have any luck finding bears, but headed back after we didn't see any.  I had some laundry to do and David headed back to get the picture below.  He was worried there would be too many clouds tomorrow and it wouldn't look great.  He didn't like the location of the sun, but I thought it was great.
On the way back, he heard some ladies say there was a momma grizzly bear with two cubs.  He had a hard time seeing them with his bare eyes, but was able to get a few pictures of them with the zoom lens on the camera.
I was jealous to say the least!

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