Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day 16- Emerald Pools and Bighorn Sheep

We were not sure how today would start out after our 7 mile hike yesterday, but we were going to attempt the Emerald Pools Trail which was 3 miles round trip (if you went to the lower, middle and upper).
 We like to start our hikes early because that is when the boys are the freshest and enjoy it the most.  It is also cooler then and there are less people on the trail.  
 The Lower Emerald Pools was our favorite of the three.  There was a waterfall off the giant rock face that helped form the pools.
 The two little ones love a trail where you are climbing up or down but over rocks.
 Look at Logan Go!

 This is the Middle Emerald Pool- you can really see the green here!

 At the beginning/end of the trail.
 We came back to the camper and had lunch and then set out on a drive on the East Side of the park.  I was determined to see some Bighorn Sheep!
 These three white peaks are called the Court of the Patriarchs.
 The views on the drive were just beautiful!
 This tunnel was built in 1932 and is 1.1 miles long.  If you have an over sized vehicle, such as an RV, you must pay $15 for Ranger Assistance to get you through.  Basically, they only let one side go at a time.  The $15 gets you two trips through the tunnel in a 7 day period.
 You cannot stop in the middle of the tunnel, but they do have a few openings where you can see out.  This is one of those.
 And then... I spotted one sheep down in the valley.  David went to get a picture of that one and I walked on up where some people showed me 6 of them together.
 I called David over to where we were.  These were all females because the males have the curly antlers.

 We ended up seeing 9 of them, but no males.  Maybe next time.
 She came for dinner!  In our three days here, we probably saw 40-50 mule deer.  They are everywhere and know that they are not going to be any one's dinner!
 Jimmy rode the shuttle back up to take some pictures with our camera and his camera.  He did a great job with the one above and below.
This is the Virgin river that runs right beside the campground… It was the boys version of bath time :-)

This is what 11 miles of walking in two days will do to you when you are four years old!

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