Thursday, June 26, 2014

Day 28- Old Faithful

The only thing we liked about Fishing Bridge was the area for the boys to build a fort.  I forgot to take a picture last night, but this is what remained this morning.
Fishing Bridge used to hold hundreds of fishermen catching trout swimming into Yellowstone Lake, but there is no longer fishing allowed there.
We headed from there over towards West Yellowstone where we would be staying just outside of Yellowstone in a National Forest... Stayed at Rainbow Point.. Loved this campground, hated all the rain!  We crossed the Continental Divide two more times on our way to Old Fairhful! 
When we got there, it just stopped raining! I am not near as fat as Iook in this picture- just three layers of sweatshirts to stay warm! 
We got there and only had to wait about five minutes before Old Faithful went off! 
It truly is amazing to watch and I love that I worked a math problem earlier this year involving correlation of the length of eruption to the next time it erupts! 
Below is Pump Geyser which is perfectly named because it was continually pumping! 
This was one of our favorites... Doublet Pool because it was pulsing and you could almost feel the boardwalk pulsing as well! 
This is Spasmodic Geyser because of the constant spasms.
All of the pools and springs had their own unique colors based on the thermophiles that lived in them... We liked all of them, but the blues were our favorite!
This was Wave Spring and my least favorite colors! 
This is Giant Geyser.  It still erupts frequently but the prediction window is plus or minus 90 minutes... That is too long with young kids to wait :-) 
We did make it to Daisy Geyser and waited because the prediction window was within 15 minutes.  She shot off at an angle, so that was really cool! 

This is Castle Geyser which erupts every 10-14 hours!  This is huge and we did not see it go off!
on the way to our campsite, I spotted this  beauty... Too far away to get good pictures.  This is zoomed all the way in!

Hunter helping with camper set up!

We drive the Firehole Falls loop and saw this great waterfall (we love waterfalls)...
...and this young deer...
There were huge rocks that had different bacteria growing on them and they were all different colors!
Silex Spring
These were the Fountain paint pots- essentially boiling mud- thicker when it hasn't rained! 
You can see the mud flying up! 
Another geyser we saw erupt- Clepsydra Geyser
We saw two eagles on our way back to the campground! We believe they were watching their nest that we also saw close by!

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