Friday, June 6, 2014

Day 8- Hiking and Baseball

There is one great thing to Phoenix summers where the temperature currently reaches 110 Degrees!  That is the quiet and beauty of the early morning.  The boys woke up around 5:30, so we were able to eat and head out on our Siphon Draw hike first thing in the morning!  It was cooler and beautiful.  Surprisingly, there were several hikers at 6 AM.  This was our morning sunrise over the Superstition Mountains.
My hiking partners!  We are heading up the Superstition Mountains that are behind us!

Love this picture of David and Logan hiking together!
We stopped for snack and water part way up the trail.  Love this family picture! 
At this point, David and Jimmy were hiking all the way to the top of Flat Iron and they boys and I would continue about another mile before we headed back. 
My two hiking partners...  

 David and Jimmy had an easy time getting to the top, but a much more difficult time coming down.  The view of the Phoenix area was amazing and Jimmy should have been very proud of himself!  The hike was 6 miles round trip and was not an easy hike!
The panoramic view from the top!
 This is what hiking does to you!
We were excited to go to a Diamondbacks game and even more excited that they were playing the Braves when we were in town.  We all donned our Braves apparel and headed into a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Restaurant called "The Deuce".  It was an old boxing practice gym turned restaurant and the food and the experience was amazing.  We would highly recommend this to anyone in the Phoenix area. 
 We had to give them a name to announce over the loudspeaker when our order was ready.  We went with "Go Braves".  So, when our food was ready, the announcer in Phoenix said "Go Braves, your order is ready, Go Braves"  :)  It made us smile.

 It was also nice because it was within walking distance of the stadium!
 Silly Boys!
 The first inning, the first guy batting for the Diamondbacks hit a home run.  
 It was all down hill for the Diamondbacks from there.  The Braves won 5 - 2!
 Louis Gonzalez and the boys!
After the game was over, we watched them open Chase Field in about 4 minutes and we got a fireworks show.  On the way to the car at 11 PM, the temperature was 101!  Did you notice I said 11 PM?

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