Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 24- Lakeshore Trail and Grizzlies

We got up early this morning and headed for a few places hoping to find some bears.  We let the boys stay up late last night and went out searching but had no luck.  We didn't have any more luck this morning.  This is a beautiful view of the overlook at Oxbow Bend.  This has been what Hunter has been talking about for three days when someone at Gros Ventre Campground told him they saw a Grizzly there with two cubs.  
David took a panoramic of the view of the Tetons.  They are much more majestic looking on this side for a reason we can't figure out. 

 We started on the Lakeshore Trail (2 miles) and were really excited because a ranger told us that someone had seen a momma black bear with two cubs.  Again, we had no luck but the view of Jackson lake was great!  We did run into a young lady (early 20's) hiking by herself who ended up getting an earful from the two youngest as she hiked the entire time with us.  No luck on the bear front though!

 After lunch, we let the boys ride their bikes most of the afternoon as we walked around and picked out our favorite campsites and campers.  This is something we do fairly frequently  Logan fell off of his bike and just laid there... goofy kid!
 We are so glad we brought their bikes because they ride them every day through the whole campsite and have the best time.  We walked up to the visitor center and just looked around.
 As soon as we arrived at the visitor center, it started to rain- so we decided to spend  a little bit of time there and wait for it to pass.  We tried on antlers... moose antlers (extremely heavy)
 ... elk anglers...
 ... bison and big horn sheep antlers... also heavy.
 We went back to the camper and it was raining, so we headed out for a drive.  I told David that we wouldn't see a bear because I brought my camera and that was a sure fire way to guarantee we wouldn't see one.  On this stretch of road, there are often 20-40 cars pulled over and we hadn't seen any, so we thought our chances of bear were really low.  We were joking about how we should pull over, jump out of the car, grab the camera and run around frantically to see how many other cars would stop and try to spot what we were looking at.  Logan said he had to go to the bathroom, so David found a place to pull over.  We saw someone with their camera out and low and behold- our Grizzly Bear.   We were the second people to this bear.  Literally, 3 minutes after we stopped, there were 25 cars.  We watched this guy go in and out of the willows for about 30 minutes.  Hunter was beside himself with excitement because this is all he has talked about for days.

Once we were convinced that he wasn't coming back out, we headed back to Oxbow bend.  I love the views here.
 In the picture below, I saw a river otter, but he is difficult to see.  You may be able to make him out in the middle of the picture below.  He was floating on his back.
 Finally, we drove down to Cattleman's Bridge, which is no longer there, but was so quiet and beautiful.
We continue to talk about how grateful we are that we got to experience the grizzly bear and how we couldn't wait to see more.

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