Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 5- White Sands National Monument

We left Carlsbad early this morning.  We stopped by a local meat market and got some wonderful ribs and then headed out towards Arizona.  Hunter is just playing with his rainbow loom as we travel along.  
We would drive for miles and never see another soul.  We finally stopped to take a few pictures along the side of the road.  This scenery was pretty in a unique sort of way.  I am not a huge fan of the dessert scene, but it is so different than what we see in Georgia, that I could really appreciate it.  

We went through a tunnel and then pulled off at a spot right after it.  We got out and went down a few boulders to look at the canyon.  In the picture below, way out near the horizon, you can see a thin line of white.  That is White Sands National Monument, which is about 25 miles away to give you some perspective of how vast the sand actually was.
We stopped here and decided to go sledding down the dunes.  We were slightly worried about how hot the sand would be because the temperature was 107 degrees.  However, the sand stays pretty cool, especially if you bury your feet about ankle deep, it is very cool.  
My three loves getting ready to sled!
Walking back up the dunes carrying the sled was a little difficult for Hunter and Logan, but they enjoyed the sledding!  
The dunes were everywhere the eye could see.  They looked completely out of place!

Logan loves to spend time with either of his brothers!

We sledded for about an hour before the heat got to be too much and we headed out!
My love is grilling our ribs in our outdoor kitchen.  Love the slight view of the mountains in the background!
As soon as we get to every campsite, the boys can't wait to get out their toys and run and play as hard as they can.  My actual words to David this time were "I think we need to sell our house and buy land with 20 acres so the boys can run free."  I was only kind of kidding!  

Jimmy found a shade tree (which is difficult to do in New Mexico) and was finishing reading his book!
The sunset from our campsite!
The trip is still in its early phases, but as I told David tonight "Everything about this trip so far has been exactly what I envisioned when I started planning it two years ago."  I am sure there are parts that will not go according to plan (and there have already been a few), but watching the boys point out beautiful things on this earth that God created is pretty spectacular to watch.  I am loving getting to watch them love to play outdoors.  I get more excited each day!

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  1. So glad it's everything you wanted. Looks like you'be had a full vacation already.☺