Saturday, June 28, 2014

Day 30- Norris Geyser Basin

As you can tell, we are huge fans of the Bald Eagle and we looked for these in the same area every time we drove past! 

We also saw these beautiful bowl out on our way to the Noris geyser basin.  We learned that with Al, typically the females and cabs stay together… Brother males go off in small bachelor groups and eat in higher elevations.   Typically they are only seen together during mating season.  I love seeing the bowl out.
Today, we hike the Noris geyser basin… Which has a back basin loop and the porcelain loop.
Clearly, Logan was not a fan of the smell!
Love the steam rising off this Blue spring.
This Geyser (while currently dormant) used to short water in the air 300 feet... 
Steamboat Geyser still has a team and small spurts of water coming out of it, but no major eruptions.

Arch steam vent
Blue mud steam vent 

Vixen Geyser- another one we were fortunate enough to see erupt.  The geysers are really interesting – their eruptions may be Constant or unpredictable. In addition, they can change - Without anyone knowing the reason why or what the new election schedule is!
Here we stop for looking in the porcelain basin.
Heading down into the porcelain basin… We made it into the porcelain basin before it started raining and then it was just a slight sprinkle before we made it out.
Crackling lake
View of the entire basin
We barely got the picnic in before the rain started back! 
These signs have been on every picnic table since we entered the Tetons!
Looking down on the artist Paintpots!  We got as far away from our car as we could on this hike before the bottom fell out of the sky and we got rained on! 
We wished we could have slowed down and spent more time here because we really enjoyed these! 
We stopped at Gibbons Falls which was hidden front heroes prior to the 1988 fire.  Speaking of the fire, you could see evidence if the fire through most of the park!

A bear in downtown West Yellowstone- he was fake :-) 
On the way out, we saw this Osprey Couple.  They too are a beautiful bird- just not an Eagle!

Having fun downtown- we needed something to do because it was too muddy for the boys to at outside or ride their bikes... So we just fiddled around town!  Logan hit the coin return button on a newspaper dispenser- it gave him $2.75 so now he wants to do it for all of them- can't say I blame him!  

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