Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 18- Exploring the Hoodoos

We didn't sleep much last night because the battery in our camper wouldn't seem to hold a charge and they had no electrical hook ups.  We were worried about the fridge going out and the food that was in it.  We were hoping to do everything we needed to do, and leave a night early to go up to Ogden, UT.  I had set out in the morning hoping to see some pronghorn (the fastest land animal in North America), because I figured seeing a bear or mountain lion was unlikely.  We were driving out to Rainbow Point when we happened across this family of Pronghorn.   
We must have seen 15 babies.  We ended up seeing about 40 of these guys- although they do tend to turn their behind towards the camera when you point it at them!
We wondered if these two were twins because they stayed right next to each other the entire time we watched them.
At this overlook, Logan was getting his camera ready.
We stopped at the overlook for the "Natural Bridge".  This was one of our favorites!
We were planning on a 3 mile loop hike that included the Queen's Garden and Navajo Loop Trails.  We were not sure how it would go because the two little ones were a little cranky yesterday.  This hike was recommended by the touring books and my best friend, who had been out here before.
The cool part of this trail was that it took you down to walk around among the hoodoos and you could see them up close.  From the rim, they look pretty similar, but when you are down among them, you can see some things that you normally can't see.
Love this picture!
The boys really liked hiking between, in , under and around all of the hoodoos.
There were a few natural arches that we walked under which were very cool also.
For the Junior Ranger program, the boys had to color these gold coins onto their paper by laying the paper over them and coloring the paper.
The one below is the profile of the Queen!
The boys love walking between the narrow rock walls.  
... and climbing under "mini-caves".
These trees that were growing in the canyon were amazing.
The hike out was tough, because it was all uphill, but the boys were champions.  We have gotten several comments on what troopers the boys are and great hikers.  It probably doesn't hurt that they look so adorable carrying their own camelback water backpacks and their own hiking poles.   We went and hiked a very short (less than one mile) hike just outside the park called Mossy Cave so that we could get the last pencil rubbing.  There was a beautiful waterfall here, which looked like it didn't fit in at all.  
On the way back in to the park, we stopped for our "Welcome to Bryce Canyon" picture.  
We took the boys to see the Prairie Dog Habitat one more time before we left.  They loved the little guys!

As we were leaving, the camp host asked why we were pulling out a day early and David explained our battery issue to him.  Surprisingly, his hobby includes electronics and battery type things.  He took an hour or two out of his day to look at our battery and try to fix it for us.  He didn't have everything he needed, so he made David a list and told him what he needed to do to fix the problem so the battery would work.  We are super excited to be able to fix it ourselves, and then we headed out of Bryce Canyon.  These are the tunnels you go through in Red Canyon in Dixie National Forest just outside of Bryce Canyon.
In the morning, we are going to get the oil changed, tires rotated, battery fixed, as well as get groceries, before we head to Twin Falls, Idaho.

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