Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day 14- Arrive at Zion

We found two very unique things that aren't often found anymore.  The first was these pay phones...  Earlier in the trip, Logan found some of these and asked me if they were 'real phones' or play phones'.  Ahhhh... life before cell phones.  
Both of the boys wanted to see if we could see another Kaibab Squirrel and they wanted to see the Canyon for the final time before we left the Grand Canyon for this trip.   

 As we were leaving, we had to add enough fuel to our tank to make sure we could make it to the next gas station.  For those of you living in the Metro Atlanta area, you would not believe the distance between gas stations out here.  Anyway, we stopped at one just outside the campground and it was a full service gas station.  Hunter asked David "why is that man putting gas in our car and cleaning the windshield?"  He did say they were the last full service gas station in Arizona.  On the way out, we saw a sign for buffalo and we were confused because there hadn't been any signs of buffalo anywhere.  Then, we turned the corner and saw this!

 There had to have been close to 50 babies in the herd of buffalo!

We drove into Utah and headed to Zion National Park!
 The drive through Utah was beautiful and we passed the Grand Staircase Escalante Monument on our way.

 We couldn't get a ton of pictures driving in because there was nowhere for us to pull off while we were towing the camper.  We did have to pay an additional $15 to be able to drive the camper through the tunnel which was 1.1 miles long.  Regular cars do not have to pay this, only those that are over sized, which includes most RV's.  The roads were narrow and had sharp turns.  We hope to go back out tomorrow and get more pictures of the impressive formations.

 We went and got the boys' junior ranger books and headed out to Weeping Gardens hike (about 1/2 mile).  We only do really short hikes in the afternoon b/c the boys lose interest fast.
 It was a constant trickle of water over this sheer rock face.  It was beautiful and very cold water.  The boys loved to play in it (of course)!

 You can see a few drops of water in the picture below!
 Hiking back down!
 The view from our campsite!
 The boys made two friends in the campground!

We are having a great time and wish that time could slow down.  

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