Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 29- Rain and the Rest of the Geyser Basin

We didn't get to see all of the Geyser basin around Old Faithful yesterday, so we headed back in this morning- even thigh the rain was coming down.  This poor eagle looks drenched! 
This is Logan entertaining himself in the car! 
It was pouring and the ponchos were one of the things that didn't get packed!  We made a stop and got a few and headed to Observation Trail to see the Geysers go off!  It is a different way to watch Old Faithful!
You can see in the picture below the crowds of other people watching Old Faithful!  We were lucky today that it was 7 minutes later than the predicted time... Or we wouldn't have arrived in time!  I do have to say that the two little boys were troopers.  We basically ran the entire way to the top of the observation trail because we didn't want to have to wait for another 90 minutes for the next prediction!  As the trip goes on, I continue to be amazed with how far their little legs will carry them!  Jimmy was not a huge fan of the rain, but he managed to power through only minorly sounding like a teenager!
While we were on the observation platform, we did get to see Castle Geyser erupt- which only happens every 10-24 hours, so we considered that a two for one deal!!!
This is the Emerald Pool- unbelievable! 
Cliff Geyser- continuous small eruptions
We had to have lunch in the car because of the rain!
After lunch, we headed to the Biscuit Basin and saw the black opal spring!
This is the Sapphire Pool and one of my favorites that we have seen so far! 
David liked all of the colors but I didn't care for the yellows! 
This is the end of Jewel geysers eruption! 
This is called shell spring although Logan thought it should be called "Roasted Marshmallow"!
This was crossing the river to walk the Midway Geyser Basin!
By this point in the trip… The boys are used to sign pictures, so now they are just jumping in them and smiling!
I love the picture of the Opal Pool below where you can see the reflections of the clouds! 
This one had some yellows and greens! 
When we came into the town of West Yellowstone (located in Montana)- they had this great state sign... Love Hunter's hand on the bear! 

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