Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Day 27- Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

We left the campground this morning at fishing bridge and headed toward Canyon Village – the home of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  We had heard people talk about the herds of bison in Hayden Valley, but we had only run across a bison or two. This morning… We came across the herd below. It was filled with bison as well as calves.  Again, we continue to be amazed at how nonchalant they are about walking in the road.
This one was out David's window while he was driving. Of course, he could take this Wally was driving… Because traffic was completely stopped.
… And a calf..

A little bit further down the road, we came across this herd of elk… Also in Hayden Valley.
He started off by going to artist point. The lights were beautiful and there was actually an artist they're painting the waterfall. This is the lower waterfall.
As you can see, we had a huge amount of fog on the waterfall this morning.
Just beautiful.
We went and walked down uncle Tom's trail. There are 328. We counted them on the way down, and the way back up. This picture was taken after step 258 on the way down.
You can see on the left side of the picture from the view on this trail, that they still have a good bit of snow in certain places.
From the pull off for that trail, you could also see the upper Falls.
As you can see, the fog has lifted and the view down the canyon from the brink of the lower Falls Trail. This is a short trail to the top of the falls, looking out the canyon.

We stopped at Lookout point, on the N. Rim Dr., and walked out to red rock point. This was something recommended to me by my best friend. This is our favorite view, and our picnic spot for the day!
While we were at Lookout point, we saw this beautiful Osprey, who had young ones in her nest.  We also got to see her attack in other bird who got too close to the nest :-)

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