Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day 21- Jenny Lake

All of our mornings start early because we have Hunter.  This is not a bad thing when you are in search of wildlife.  We started out on a scenic drive down Moose-Wilson Road looking for some bear (which we never found).  We did, however, find moose, an owl, and a young mule deer.  

 You should see the camera lenses on some of these people.  I believe their cameras and equipment cost more than their car.  I have slight camera envy.

 We wanted to wait a little bit before our hike because last night, the temperature got down to 34 degrees.  That is just Cold!
 We took the ferry across Jenny Lake and were planning on hiking up to Cascade Canyon, however, I seriously misread the guide book with the length of the hike and we realized 9 miles is just too far for the kids!  If we had realized that earlier, we would have walked around the lake (at least one direction).
 My loves on the ferry... you can tell it was cold!
 This is the most popular hike in Grand Teton N.P. and it immediately became evident why.

 The first waterfall that you come to on the hike is about 0.2 miles in.
 The second is called Hidden Falls and it was just breathtaking.  All of the ground around it was wet due to the rain and snow they had recently gotten, but it was beautiful none the less.

 There were many wildflowers throughout the hike!
 ... with views of the lake popping up at every turn.
 We stopped for a snack on this rock!

 ... and continued to climb to Inspiration Point.  We continued on towards Cascade Canyon, until we got to a marker that said it was 3.3 miles away.  We knew right away that when that was doubled for round trip and we added on what we had already hiked and would still need to hike back that it was too far for the two little ones.  I was disappointed because the hike got such rave reviews, but it would not have been enjoyable during the last 4 miles!

 Jimmy took this picture!

 The boys were thrilled to throw some snowballs!  Some of the hikes here do not start until late July when all of the snow finally melts off the mountain.
 The next two views are from our picnic spot near Inspiration Point (which we hiked back down towards) after we realized we couldn't make it to Cascade Canyon!

 When we made it back to the dock, this guy was waiting on us!

 We then went to the Chapel of the Transfiguration, where they still have services on Sunday.
 David and Hunter rang this bell and scared David half to death because he wasn't expecting it to be as loud as it was.
 This is the view from the front pew row.  Such Beauty!
 The logs and views made this such a serene moment.

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