Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 25- West Thumb and the Rodeo

We didn't need to spend as much time in Bryce Canyon as we thought we did, so we game today. We headed into Yellowstone a day early! We saw this beautiful Osprey on the way here.
We came in from the south entrance and stop at Lewis Falls. We love how loud these falls are.
We passed the continental divide at 7988 feet. The continental divide crosses Yellowstone's roads at three different places.
We stopped in Grant Village and then went to the West Farm area to do the Lake Overlook Trail.
It was a 2 mile hike the took you to a beautiful overview of Yellowstone Lake and the surrounding mountains.
West is a geyser basin on the shores of Yellowstone Lake. We love the beautiful blue pools.
Three of my love on the shore of Lake Yellowstone.  While you may think that the lake is warm because of all the hot pools that flow into it, the average temperature is 44°. It is extremely cold when you are from Georgia.
This is called big cone, which is located next to Fishing Cone. Fishing Cone was completely underwater. Years ago, fisherman used to catch their fish, swing around and there boat, and cook their fish directly over the Fishing Cone geyser before they ate them. They could cook the fish without even taking them off the line.

This is just a panoramic view of all the geysers and basins in the area around West Thumb! 
We were going to head into Cody, Wyoming for the night… So we decided to stay outside of East Yellowstone. This was our view of the lake at lunch.
After lunch, we happened across this beautiful fellow.
I love the bull elk!
As we got closer to East Yellowstone, we happened across this grizzly bear.
This is a view of Sylvan Lake on the east side.

We had a few errands to run in Cody… That included a trip to the grocery store and Walmart. Out in these parts, there's not a Walmart around every corner like there is at home.
We are fortunate enough to see a double rainbow shortly before the rodeo started, but the rain cleared up and the rodeo weather was perfect.
Waiting for the rodeo to start…
For any of the events, all these cowgirls Road in with the American flags.
I was totally in love with this littlest cowboy… It seems he was there with his dad who was participating.
Calf roping
Saddleback bucking bronco
The boys loved the rodeo… And we stayed at Eagle Creek Campground in the show shown for rest, 8 miles east of Yellowstone. It was a national Forest campground with no facilities, but the campground was perfect!

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