Friday, June 20, 2014

Day 22- Taggart and Bradley Lake Hike

We spent the morning driving through Antelope Flats with the wildflowers and Tetons in the back.  The Grand Teton is the largest mountain in the mountain range.  
We saw bison grazing in front of the mountains.
There are many older structures on the property.
We started out on the Taggart Lake hike and from there connected to Bradley Lake.
We hiked along a rushing waterfall.
... and saw many wildflowers...
... stopped for snacks (a must during all of our hikes)...
... saw the Tetons up close (well, closer anyway)...
... and finally arrived at Taggart Lake.  It was so peaceful and isolated.
The water was so clear and made the reflections of the mountains beautiful.
Love this panoramic...
We then hiked over to Bradley lake through all of these beautiful wildflowers.  It looked like I imagine Austria to look in the Spring with flowers and mountains everywhere.
Love this sweet, angelic creature.
As we hiked along, we continued to have views of Taggart Lake.  However, we did run into several pockets of mosquitoes.  We did not care for those.

We stopped for lunch and this marmot came right up to Logan.
Our picnic view... You can see our marmot friend on the back right behind Hunter.
He was not shy at all.
Bradley Lake was pretty, but not as pretty as Taggart Lake (in our opinion).

We went into Jackson Hole to get David's hair cut... and some ice cream.  Their town square was pretty cool.
Every year, 7,500 Elk come down out of the hills to the Elk Refuge and they all lose their antlers.  The boy scouts collect them and the Rotary Club made 4 sets of Antler Arches, one for each corner of the square.
They are huge, and awesome features.
We drove out to the Snake River Overlook and were very impressed.

On the way back, we saw some more pronghorn....
... and this coyote waiting to catch them... We only caught a glimpse of him before he ran off!
When we got back to the campground, I had to laugh because there was a couple walking their cat on a leash.  Hunter and Logan are not shy at all and asked for a turn to walk the cat, which is what they are doing in the picture below.  I laughed so hard!

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