Sunday, June 1, 2014

Day 3- Arriving in Carlsbad

The "campground" that we stayed in last night was questionable at best. There was nobody there when we checked in at the desk and there was nobody there when we left this morning, so we left them but we consider to be an appropriate amount of money and left :-) We drove into New Mexico and this was the view of New Mexico.

We were planning on spending all day Monday, to head over to see the bat flight on Sunday night. Every summer, thousands of Brazilian bats migrate north and make their home in Carlsbad Caverns.  Every night around dusk, in this case 7:45 PM, all of the bat leave the cave and go out and search for food. They started leaving the cave at 8:04 PM and finally finished leaving the cave at 8:34 PM. It was amazing to watch that many bats leave the caves. 
That is correct- 109 Degrees!  Holy Hotness!  Did I mention that this was 6:30 PM?  
If you know anything about my children, you know that if you introduce them to a new word, they can somehow manage to fit it into daily conversation 500 times over the next 24 hours.  That is what happened when we introduced them to cacti.  They pointed out every single one (and there are lots) for the next 24 hours.  

You can see behind the boys, the hole in the cave that the bats fly out of. Unfortunately, you cannot take any pictures of the bats so those will not be included here :-(

Ironically enough, while we were waiting to watch the bat flight , an old friend of David's from the army recognized him and came over. He is stationed at Fort Bliss which is fairly close to here. We talked about calling him, but David was unsure of how free his schedule would be and ironically… We just ran into him and his family at the bat flight. What a small world!

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