Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 13- North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Hunter loves to wake up early and sunrise out here is at 5:12 a.m.  We are up before that.  So, Hunter and I walked the three minutes from our campsite to get this picture of the north rim at sunrise.
Then, we continued our habit of walking the campground finding the best sites and looking at all of the campers.  In the meantime, we saw this squirrel below.  We knew it wasn't like the squirrels we see in Georgia because of its long ears and white tail.
We went to visit the Visitor Center to get the boys' Junior Rangers book and were told that the squirrel we saw was a Kaibab Squirrel and is native to the Kaibab Forrest and North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
Hunter is working diligently on his Junior Ranger Book!
Point Imperial is the highest point at which to view the Grand Canyon.

This window is called Angel's Window and you can see the Colorado River through it before hiking out to the tip of Cape Royal.
At this point, the boys are done with the Grand Canyon... As Jimmy said, "How many different ways can you look at the same thing?"  We had, after all, visited almost every view point.  David and I can see the differences, but the kids don't!
Colorado River!
Cactus Bloom
Dinner Cooking at our campsite- through the trees on the other side of the pavement is the Grand Canyon :) 

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