Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day 26- Storm Point

Once we woke up from Eagle Creek Campground, we headed in through the east entrance into Yellowstone.
While we were driving into Yellowstone, we saw this giant bison walking up the road. The boys were tickled to death… This picture was taken directly out of my window from the car.

When we got inside Yellowstone, we drove to fishing village to check into our campground.  This is a type of campground that we absolutely despise. While it did have hookups, we were crammed in there like sardines and the mosquitoes were terrible. However, there was a wooded area close to our campsite/parking space where the boys could build forts which they did with other children staying at the campground.   After that, we headed out to a 2.5 mile hike called storm point. This was our view along the way.
There was bison scat the entire way, which became a new obsession for the boys… But we never did run into any bison.
When you reach the tip of storm point, there were several rock colonies where these yellow bellied marmots all around. They were adorable and not at all afraid of humans.
The view from the point on the trail.

In the afternoon we drove to LeHardys Rapids. The picture below is of a cutthroat trout… It is hard to see, but it is the pink area in the photo. Every spring, these trout can be seen jumping up over the rapids and heading upstream toward Yellowstone Lake. Unfortunately, we did not see any jumping trout.
These are the rapids. You could see several trout waiting in groups trying to jump. They say if you come in early July, you can see a fish jumping almost every 10 seconds.
It was also home to the harlequin duck.
We continued our drive up to the sulfur cauldron, where we saw this lovely bison enjoying the smell! 
We also saw this beautiful bluebird.
Up and Hayden Valley, we came across this very skinny coyote. We did he see him pounce on some food and gobble that up. Clearly, he needs to eat! He was very skinny.
Finally, we stopped at the mud volcano, just south of Hayden Valley… Which is pictured below.
This thermal feature is called Dragon mouth spring. The sound of this was awesome and truly was out of mythical times.
On our way back to our campsite, we saw the following friend. We are loving the bison everywhere.
We lost one set of keys to the camper, and David drove back out to where we stayed the previous night and search of them. However, every time David leaves me at the campsite to monitor the children, he runs across a really awesome animal… These Male bighorn sheep with the curly Horns... And still… No keys!

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